Get $1 per $100

Get $2 per $100

Get $3 per $100

Get $4 per $100

Get $5 per $100

Terms & Conditions
  1. Starts from 1st December 2023 to 31st December 2023.
  2. ECN account type is not valid for this contest.
  3. Affiliate can monitor his Deposits on his IB CRM area.
  4. The Affiliate’s own accounts are excluded from the YaMarkets IB promotion, therefore deposits on Affiliate’s own trading account shall not be counted towards the Deposit Targets.
  5. Only active client accounts during the contest period will be considered for the calculation of deposits.
  6. Date of announcement of the Contest results: 15st January 2024
  7. The Company reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to unilaterally modify, change orterminate the YaMarkets IB Contest 2023 or any of the Terms and Conditions included herein,at any time without the Affiliate’s consent.

How does it work?

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  • 01. Sign Up

    Open a LIVE trading account and submit your documents to verify your account. Hurry, your account will need to be fully approved before you start trading!

  • 02. Fund your Account

    Make a deposit of USD 300 or more, or the equivalent in EUR/JPY/ GBP/BTC using any of our payment methods.

  • 03. Trade, Trade, Trade

    Trade for one month, from the first day of each month until the last day of each month, showcasing your skills. The contest runs every month!