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Forex broker affiliate programs: risk-free income !!


You can earn in Forex and CFD markets without trading financial instruments and any risk for your own funds. Brokerage affiliate programs provide an opportunity for anyone to make money on advertising and Internet resources.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate programs are one of the most successful advertising technologies, through which brokers and their partners attract new clients.

The partner of a brokerage company gets a commission, the amount of which depends on the volume of transactions on Real accounts performed by the partners’ clients (traders).

How to attract clients?

You can attract clients through your own website, blog, forums, social networks, etc. To begin with, the partner registers in the broker’s website and receives a referral link, through which his client is identified. In addition, the broker provides the partner with a special set of marketing materials: widgets (online quotes, currency converter, technical analysis, market overview, historical charts, etc.), banners, specific content, video materials, etc. By the proper maintenance of his website or blog, as well as advertising allows the partner to attract many clients.

In many cases affiliate programs grow into a profitable business. Partners, owning good websites cooperate with several brokers and attract hundreds or even thousands of traders.

How to choose the best affiliate program?

Before choosing any affiliate program and starting your activities in this sphere, pay attention to trading conditions of the broker, the most important of which are:

  • amount of remuneration (generally, the commission is expressed either in a certain sum from the trading lot or in percentages of the spread)
  • Payment period and regularity.
  • Provision of transparent reports.
  • Variety of supporting marketing materials (widgets, etc.).
  • High quality work of a brokerage company.

Compare the conditions of affiliate programs and the reputation of various brokers before starting cooperation.

  • 1. Register and get the IB link.
  • 2. Attract new clients.
  • 3. Your clients start to trade (in your IB control group) Up to $15 per lot.
  • 4. Receive commissions from the trade volume of your clients.

YaMarkets Affiliate Program

The regulated broker YaMarkets has a two-tiered affiliate system, that is, you can get income not only from attracting traders, but from the new partners as well. This will allow to earn additionally 50% of the commission remuneration of your second-tier partners based on the trading activity of their clients.

The payment volume to first-tier partners is one of the highest in the industry - up to 15 USD from a turnover of 1 lot (100,000 units of the traded asset). If you compare this commission with the spread, it will amount to 83% from the spread of popular currency pairs.

When choosing an affiliate program, go for cooperating with world-class brokers with high-quality and professional client service.