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Regional Partner

Seeking regional partners from across the globe

If you have experience of retail forex in any country or region, we want to hear from you.

In order to give our clients local insights and knowledge, we need regional partners to supply their expertise. In return, we provide the resources that regional partners need to grow their forex business and take it to the next level.

How regional partnerships work

Each partnership is different, but the basic structure of all regional partnerships remains the same:

  • YaMarkets provides a strong brand, robust trading platform and budget for local marketing.
  • Regional Partner develops business in the defined region or country using local knowledge and provides client support in local language with consideration of local customs.

Regional partners will generally be locally regulated entities. YaMarkets can assist in this regard.

The advantages of a regional partnership

There are many mutual benefits of a regional partnership for YaMarkets, the regional partner, and importantly, our clients:

  • Clients receive a solution customised to them, with their preferred payment methods, tailored account types and local support in their language.
  • Regional Partners receive significant revenue directly related to their efforts and performance.
  • YaMarkets benefits from increased client satisfaction, increase in FX volume, and local market penetration.